gSigma Pokerh – a game of poker using geometric shapes.


Number of players: 2-6

Cards required: 52 (The whole pack)


Objective of the game:

The objective of this game is to obtain as close a fit to the designated shape as possible.  The number of squares that match the designated shape determines your score.



Preparing the cards:

In the center of the table place two cards face up with one side overlapping to form a square (3 squares by 3 squares).  Please see the gdesignated shapeh example shown below.  Then deal a card (face up) to each player and place the remaining pack down beside the gdesignated shapeh.





The rules of the game:

1)      First betting stage

After setting up the game (see gPreparing the cardsh section above) each player decides whether or not to play the hand.  If players decide to play then they each place chips on the board, each player must match the highest bid placed by a single player.


2)      Playing the game

The dealer deals one card face down to the first player who looks at the card and decides between two options of play:

  Option 1: If the player is happy with the card received and does not require a second card, the player can place this card face down to form a 3X3 squared shape as shown@below.  The player must be careful to place the card down in the intended position.

The pre-placed card can not be moved in any way.



Option 2: If the player is not satisfied with the possible shapes that can be formed with the card dealt, then the player needs to play the card face up.  This card can be placed in any position ( see example 2 below).  The player then receives a third card which must be placed face down forming a 3X3 squared shape (see diagram 3) to end the play.


When a card is played it must be placed above the previously played cards. 

The below examples show plays which are not allowed.

1.  Sliding a card under a previously played card.

2.  Not forming a 3X3 squared shape.


The dealer then deals a card to the next player who decides how to play.  When all players have completed their play, the second betting stage can commence.


3)      Second betting stage

If the players are still happy to bet further they may carry on betting via the first player making a bid which is matched or raised by the following players.  when the final player has bet, the cards are then shown to decide who wins.  The person who has the most points wins the pot, if two or more players have the same winning number of points then the pot is shared.



How to bet:

A player declares one of the following five options when it is that personfs turn to bet.

 1) CHECK – If no one has yet made a bet then the player can decide to wait and see by saying gcheckh.  This means that the option to bet passes to the next player.

 2) BET – The first player makes the initial bet.

 @@3) CALL – The following player matches that bet ( a smaller bet can not be placed).

 4) RAISE – This is called when a player wishes to increase the bet.

 @@5) FOLD – This is when a player decides to withdraw and forfeit the pot.


 If all players say gcheckh then the betting stage (stage1 or 2) has finished.  If betting commences then two scenarios can occur:

1.       All the remaining players, if satisfied with the initial bet, can gcallh and match that bet.  When all have gcalledh, the betting stage finishes.  Please note, the person who makes the first bet can not bet again once the remaining players have gcalledh.

2.       Instead of gcallingh a player may graiseh, whereby the bet increases.  The following players must match that bet when gcallingh.  If a player had already bet a smaller amount, then that player only needs to match the raised amount when gcallingh.

Naturally, any player who does not want to match a bet may gfoldh.